CGP in beginner beret.jpgNAME: Carrie                      

PICK: Beginner Beret

MY SUMMARY:                               

Fantastically simple knit for beginner knitters or for those of us who need something nice and simple to knit during Knit Night, when concentrating on anything other than tea, cake and knit chat is just too much! If you don't fancy knitting it we do also sell this hat ready to wear, it will have been lovingly handmade by one of our knitters.


Depends on your experience level, for a beginner knitter probably a few evenings of a couple of hours knitting. It took me two evenings at my knitting group, so just a couple of hours really.

CGP moss snood and beret.jpgSKILL LEVEL:

Does what it says on the tin, beginner. Lovely and simple but gives you a taste of three different stitches, rib, double moss and stocking stitch.


My favourite tweed jacket and my chunky moss stitch snood (also knitted during Knit Nights for simplicity!). A couple of my favourite photos from a lovely wintery walk last year in my Northamptonshire village feature me sporting this hat. It was such a nice feeling to be able to get it out of my hat and scarf drawer the other week and start wearing it again.


Every day on my way to work (it's so lightweight yet warm and cosy). Cold wintery walks, you name it!

I HAVE IT IN: Stone.