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TOFT UK Edward's Menagerie Errata Corrections


The team at TOFT make every effort to ensure that our patterns and instructions are correct before publication. However, we’re only human and mistakes do happen. Here you will find the most up-to-date revisions to our current printed patterns.


If you have made an online purchase, or you’re part of a subscription, your patterns can be found in the MY PATTERNS section of your My TOFT account. These digital versions of our patterns are automatically updated if any mistakes are discovered.


If you’re having problems with a pattern, or think you’ve found an error which is not listed here, please get in touch with us via


Edward's Menagerie Kerry Lord Errata Edward's Menagerie Birds Kerry Lord Errata Edward's Imaginarium Kerry Lord Errata

Edward's Menagerie

Edward's Menagerie: Birds

Edward's Imaginarium

Edward's Emporium Kerry Lord Errata Edward's Menagerie Dogs Kerry Lord Errata TOFT Quarterly Magazine Errata

Edward's Emporium

Edward's Menagerie: Dogs

TOFT Quarterly Magazines