The following errata are corrections, including minor spelling mistakes and/or typing errors, published in the first editions of Edward’s Menagerie: Birds (David & Charles, 2015). Any subsequent print runs have the most up-to-date versions of the patterns with any errors amended.

PLEASE NOTE: The digital patterns in your online My TOFT area are updated as soon as an error is found. If you don’t understand your pattern and believe you have the most recent version, please let us know via [email protected].



p.17 Paddling Leg - Rnds 28-32 dc (5 rnds)



p.24 Celine the Dove -

BEAK  Rnd 6 (dc2tog) 3 times (3)

PART ONE: Rnds 5-12
 dc (8 rnds)
PART TWO: Rnds 4-9 dc (6 rnds)

p.44 Sophia the Flamingo - BEAK  Rnds 1-4 dc (4 rnds)



p.64 Kevin the Cassowary - BEAK  Rnds 6-8 dc (3 rnds)

p.68 Abraham the Bald Eagle - TAIL  Split into three 8 st rnds and work per pattern

p.70 Kit the Rooster - 

Rnd 5 dc
Rnd 6 (dc2, dc2tog) twice (6)
Rnd 7 (dc1, dc2tog) twice (4)
Rnd 8 dc

p.72 Margot the Swan - 

Split into three rounds with one 12-st rnd in the middle and two 8-st rnds either side
On the 8 st rnds work as follows:
Rnds 1-2 dc (2 rnds)
Rnd 3 (dc2tog) 4 times (4)



p.78 Scott the Woodpecker - TAIL Working in black throughout

p.84 Robin the Robin -

Rnd 19 dc5 orange, dc10 cream, dc15 orange
Rnd 20 dc3, dc2tog orange, (dc3, dc2tog) twice cream, (dc3, dc2tog) 3 times orange
Rnd 21 dc5 orange, dc7 stone, dc12 orange
Next dc6 in orange. Move st marker to this point and RESET.

p.86 Gareth the Puffin - BODY/HEAD/NECK 

Rnd 26 (dc3, dc2 into next st) 3 times, dc2 cream,dc1, dc2 into next st, dc3, dc2 into next st black (25)

Rnds 30-31 dc29 cream, dc11 black (2 rnds)

p.88 Rohit the Peacock -  LEG DIGITS Rnd 9 (dc2tog) twice (2)

p.90 Caesar the Emperor Penguin 

BODY/NECK/HEAD  Rnd 24 dc5 black, dc5 yellow

HEAD  Rnd 26 (dc3, dc2 into next st) twice, dc3, dc2 into next st Yellow, dc3, dc2 into next st, dc2 Black, dc1, dc2 into next st Yellow (25) 

p.92 Enid the Long-Eared Owl - BODY/NECK/HEAD  Work as standard in the following colour pattern: 1 round of 4 st stone, 2 st chestnut, 2nd round stone. 

p.94 Jack the Macaw -

Rnd 38 (dc2tog) 9 times (9)
Rnd 39 (dc1, dc2tog) 3 times (6)
TAIL  Rnd 3 (dc1, dc2 into next st) 8 times (24) 

p.98 Ben the Kingfisher - LEGS  Complete as digits on perching leg.

p.100 Anik the Snowy Owl - BODY/NECK/HEAD  Work as standard in the following colour pattern: 1 round of 4 st cream, 2 st charcoal, 2nd round cream. 

p.102 Gilbert the Pheasant

Rnd 38 (dc2tog) 9 times (9)
Rnd 39 (dc1, dc2tog) 3 times (6)

Working in Oatmeal with 1 rnd Chestnut stripe every 4th rnd throughout
Ch16 and sl st to join into a circle
Rnds 1-6 dc (6 rnds)
Split into two rnds of 8 sts and rejoin and work each as follows:
Rnds 1-7 dc (7 rnds)
Rnd 8 dc7, dc2 into next st (9)
Rnds 9-14 dc (6 rnds)
Rnd 15 dc8, dc2 into next st (10)
Rnds 16-18 dc (3 rnds)
Rnd 19 (dc3, dc2tog) twice (8)
Rnd 20 (dc2, dc2tog) twice (6)
Rnd 21 (dc2tog) 3 times (3)
Rnd 22 dc2tog, dc1 (2)

p.106 Jorge the Jay - TAIL  Rnds 1-6 dc (6 rnds)