Below you will find the errata for Edward's Menagerie book.


Seamus the Alpaca - Body (p.32):  Rnd 21 (dc3, dc2tog) 6 times (24)

Rufus the Lion - Head (p.36):  Rnds 18-23 Dc. (6 rounds)

Benedict the Chimpanzee - Muzzle (p.58): Rnd 3 (dc2, dc2 into next st) 6 times (24 sts)

Alice the Zebra - Head (p. 70): Continue in Dark from Rnd 18 onwards

Caitlin the Giraffe - Body (p.84): Rnd 21 (dc3, dc2tog) 6 times (24)

Esme the Fox - (p.86): Rnd 14 Dc3, dc2tog DARK, (dc3, dc2tog) twice LIGHT, (dc5, dc2tog) 3 times DARK (30 sts)


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