The following errata are corrections, including minor spelling mistakes and/or typing errors, published in the first editions of Edward’s Menagerie: Dogs (Pavilion, 2018). Any subsequent print runs have the most up-to-date versions of the patterns with any errors amended.

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p.22 Enzo the French Bulldog - 

Rnd 20 dc12, (dc2tog) 6 times (18)
Rnd 21 (dc2tog) 9 times (9)


p.32 Lyon the Dogue de Bordeaux - 

Rnd 19 dc12, (dc3, dc3 into next st) 3 times, dc1 (31)



p.42 Rachel the Bedlington Terrier

Rnd 14 dc5, (dc1 loop, dc1) 7 times, dc15 


p.82 Ella the Rottweiler - 

Rnds 25–26 dc2 Chestnut, dc18 Black, dc2 Chestnut, dc2 Black (2 rnds)

Rnd 19 dc2 Chestnut, (dc2tog) 6 times Black, (dc2 into next st) 5 times, dc5 Chestnut (23)


p.84 Wenni the Chow Chow - 

HEAD  Continue without loops after Rnd 16


p. 104 Maddison the Papillon - 

Rnd 9 dc7 Fudge, dc8 Cream, dc27 Fudge
Rnd 10 dc8 Fudge, dc7 Cream, dc27 Fudge
Rnd 11 dc9 Fudge, dc5 Cream, dc28 Fudge
Rnd 12 dc3, (dc1, dc2tog) twice, dc1 Fudge, (dc2tog) twice Cream, (dc1, dc2tog) twice, dc22 Fudge (36)
(continue as pattern to Rnd 21)

Working in Fudge with 6cm LOOP STITCH every 3rd st on odd rnds and 4th st on even rnds throughout


p.106 Byron the Shar Pei - 

Rnd 20 dc12, (dc2tog) 6 times (18)
Rnd 21 dc12, (dc1, dc2tog) twice (16)


p.108 Wainwright the Lakeland Terrier -  

Work as STANDARD in Charcoal changing to Camel for Rnds 21-29


p.112 Andreas the Mudi -

LEGS  Begin by dc6 into ring in S


p. 116 Lola the Beagle

YARN COLOUR: Camel, Cream and Black

Rnds 16-17 dc22 Black, dc8 Cream (2 rnds)
Rnds 18-19 dc23 Black, dc7 Cream (2 rnds)
Rnd 20 dc24 Black, dc6 Cream (30)
Rnd 21 dc1 Cream, dc2, dc2tog, (dc3, dc2tog) 3 times, dc4 Black, dc2tog, dc2, dc2tog Cream (24)
Rnds 22-23 dc1 Cream, dc20 Black, dc3 Cream (2 rnds)
Rnd 24 dc2 Cream, dc20 Black, dc2 Cream
Continue in Camel only
Rnds 25-26 dc (2 rnds)
Rnd 27 (dc2, dc2tog) 6 times (18)
Rnd 28 dc
Rnd 29 (dc2tog) 9 times (9)


p.118 Columbus the Red Tibetan Mastiff -

Work as STANDARD with 6cm LOOP STITCH every 4th st on even rnds and 5th st on odd rnds until Rnd 12.
Follow standard form without loops until Rnd 24.
Work Rnds 25-29 with 6cm LOOP STITCH every 4th st on even rnds and 5th st on odd rnds.

Work LOOP STITCH with 6cm loops every 3rd st on odd rnds and every other st on even rnds.