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24 March 2020

Doll Club

Welcome to the brand-new subscription from TOFT: Ed’s Dolls Club: Making Women who Made History. In this club, we celebrate just some of the women who have had achieved great things in their lifetime. Released on International Women’s Day, Doll Club brings together our love of crafting and admiration for women who have worked tirelessly to bring about their visions.

Every four months we’ll be releasing a pattern and yarn bundle to make an inspirational woman. Along the way, you’ll create and learn about some historical figures you’ll recognise, and some who you won’t. Made with TOFT super-soft luxury yarn, the dolls created in this club are sure to last for years to come. Due to the natural properties of our yarn, as your dolls age, they will become softer whilst maintaining their durability. This new club is a great way of creating future heirlooms and passing them down to the next generation of women in your family. Along with the pattern and yarn will be a collectable postcard giving information on our newest club members life and her achievements. This club is also a great way of teaching children and grandchildren about the history of women and their remarkable contributions to society.

The first instalment of Dolls Club is Emmeline Pankhurst, the British political activist and organiser of the UK suffragette movement. Emmeline and women like her worked to gain equal voting rights for women. In this instalment, you’ll not only get the opportunity to create Emmeline Pankhurst in crochet, but you’ll also read the story which has led her to become the first member of our Doll’s Club.

TOFT Dolls Club Emmeline Pankhurst Doll Club
Ed's Doll Club Emmeline Pankhurst (1913) Making Women who Made History


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