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06 November 2020

TOFT Christmas Gift Guide 2020


With Christmas quickly approaching, we’ve outlined our top Christmas gifting picks for 2020 and arranged them into five categories to help you decide. Whether you’re buying for someone who’s a crafting expert or an absolute beginner, we’ve got something for you to choose. Of course, these are only our top picks and we’ve got a whole lot more on our website which is well worth checking out here.

Stocking fillers

A Partridge in a Pear Tree Book by Kerry Lord (New 2020) - £11.99

12 Birds of Christmas


This brand new book from best selling author, Kerry Lord, is a perfect stocking filler for any crocheter this Christmas. With beautiful step-by-step illustrations throughout, crocheting is made easy and enjoyable for the lucky recipient. As the name suggests, A Partridge in a Pear Tree is based on the 12 birds of Christmas English Carol and contains 12 newly-designed bird patterns throughout. A thoughtful gift for both experienced and beginner crocheters alike. 


Limited Edition Nutcracker Pin - £8.00

Nutcracker Pin


From TOFT’s range of pins is this new and limited edition Nutcracker Pin. It’s ideal for adorning on clothing and bags with a simple pin clip on the reverse side. The Nutcracker pin also matches the look of our crochet Nutcracker Doll kit. It’s a wonderful, Christmas-themed stocking filler and could be the start of a highly addictive pin collection for the recipient.


Pure Wool Stuffing - Dark - £15.00

Dark Wool Stuffing


Primarily sourced from dark fibres of the Black Welsh Sheep, the unbleached and undyed British wool which is wrapped in a cotton drawstring tote bag is great for filling soft toys. If someone you know is a fan of crocheting any of TOFT’s animals, this gift will be well received. Our Dark wool stuffing is environmentally friendly, plastic-free, and sustainable and is perfect for craft as it doesn’t show up between the stitches of a project when using dark coloured yarn. If it’s a light pure wool stuffing you’re after, take a look at our light version of this natural stuffing here.


Mini Mistletoe Monster - £13.00

Mini Mistletoe Monster




The Mini Mistletoe Monster is a great spin on a Christmas tradition. Not only is it a really fun project to complete, but it’s also a creative and unusual Christmas decoration that can be used year after year in and around the home. Instead of hanging mistletoe during the festive period, why not try hanging this Mistletoe Monster instead? If you like the Mini Mistletoe Monster, take a look at our other Christmas themed mini-monsters here.


Alpaca Fur Pom Pom - £8.00 / £10.00

Alpaca Fur Pom Pom

The TOFT Alpaca Fur Pom Pom is made from ethically sourced fur in Peru and is a must-have for any handmade knit hat. Both natural coloured and bright coloured poms are available through the TOFT online store here. The bright coloured poms are popular not only for their deep colour but also for their snap-on backers which allow poms to be changed without the need for sewing.

Gifts £20 - £50


Loch Hat Kit (Knit) - £30.00

Loch Hat

Containing 120g of luxury TOFT yarn, this Loch Hat Kit comes with everything needed to make a stylish and warm hat. Included in this beginner knit kit are knitting needles, pure wool, pom, stitch marker, wool needle, and postcard pattern. With the winter months fast approaching, the Loch Hat will keep the chill away and make a great gift for any knitter, whether beginner or experienced. If you like the Loch Hat kit, why not take a look at our other hat kits (here)?


TOFT Quarterly Gift Subscription - £32.00

TOFT Quarterly


If you know someone who’s always looking for new knit or crochet patterns, then this is the gift that keeps on giving. Over the course of 2020/2021, 4 issues of our very own TOFT magazine will be shipped to the door of your gift recipient. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter issues of the magazine bring new patterns which reflect the changing seasons and offer lasting designs that cater to all skill levels. No matter the weather, TOFT Quarterly will have something for everyone.


Morag the Highland Coo - £26.00

Morag the Highland Cow


Morag is a project that TOFT fans love. A Highland Cow who’s iconic design has stayed popular since she was first introduced at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. Her loop stitch makes her stand out from the crowd and is well worth learning to achieve her shaggy effect. Check out our tutorial video on the loop stitch here.


Tropical Discovery Box - £39.00

Tropical Discover Box


This is a fantastic gift contained inside of TOFT’s Discovery Box. Open the drawer to reveal crochet patterns and yarn for Atticus the Bush Viper, mini Fire Salamander, mini Gretchen the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, mini Roy the Gecko, and mini Kerry the Chameleon. Along with the patterns you’ll also find enough yarn to make each project. There are lots of Discovery Boxes to chooses from, but we’ve chosen this one because of the variety of brightly coloured yarn included. If you’d like to take a look at some more discovery boxes, you can find them here.


Brook Scarf Kit - £25.00

Brook Scarf

The Brook Scarf forms part of the new collection of complete knitting kits from TOFT. Designed in TOFT's luxury super soft DK weight 100% British wool and so quick to knit up (you can make one in an evening!) This Brook Scarf Kit contains everything necessary to knit the project shown on the front of the bag. This makes the perfect gift whether knitted up or as a DIY kit.


Gifts £50 and over


Christmas Cable Stocking (Knit) - £54.00

Cable Stocking


This traditional knitted stocking kit looks fabulous hanging by the fireplace. This cable knit project benefits greatly from the stitch definition of our Aran yarn. With plenty of room inside to place Christmas gifts, this decoration will last for years to come and can even be passed down to the next generation.


Northwood Shawl (Knit) - £90.00

Northwood Shawl


This Shawl uses a combination of lace and garter stitch to create something stylish and really enjoyable to knit. Containing 300g of TOFT’s luxury Aran Yarn, the Northwood Shawl looks fantastic in contrasting Charcoal and Silver. Spun in Yorkshire, the TOFT Yarn makes this project soft, warm, and durable in typical British weather.


Santa Claus Doll - £60.00

Santa Claus Doll


The traditional Santa Claus Doll is a staple of any Christmas decoration display. He’s a great way to get in the festive spirit at Christmas and contains all the wool you’ll need to make the standard sized doll with his costume. It’s an intermediate level pattern with postcard instructions included. If you love Santa, then why not take a look at Christmas themed doll range here.


Three Wise Men Bundle - £162.00

Three Wise Men


This huge bundle contains enough yarn to create the three wise men from the traditional nativity scene. Balthazar, Melchior, and Caspar are beautifully designed by Kerry Lord and use TOFT’s luxury DK yarn. These patterns offer a challenging test of crochet skills and are a great way to level-up on your technique. You don’t have to be a wise man to know this is a great gift!


Doll Club Gift Subscription - £180

Doll Club


Released earlier this year on International Women’s Day, Doll Club is a celebration of the achievements of women throughout history. Every four months a new pattern is released depicting an influential woman of history. Along with the pattern and yarn needed to create the doll, you’ll also receive a collectable postcard reliving the story of the woman you’re creating and what they’ve achieved. Since the club began in spring, both Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks have graced postboxes and inspired crocheters worldwide.


Gifts for new crafters


Edward’s Menagerie Book by Kerry Lord - £15.99

Edward's Menagerie Book


This is where Edward’s Menagerie kicked off back in 2013, and it’s a perfect place for crochet newbie’s to begin. With 30 animals organised for beginners to get to grips with, this book makes learning to crochet easy and fun. Written by best selling author Kerry Lord, this book eases readers through the basic techniques of crochet starting with simple patterns and animals and ending with something a little more difficult. By the end of the book, there will be one more crocheter in the world.


Beginners Crochet Animal Gift Box - £39.00

Beginner's Gift Box


If you’re looking for something which includes the Edward’s Menagerie book along with yarn and a project, this is the ticket. Emma the bunny is our most popular product amongst beginners, and for good reason. Emma’s adorable tummy and ears make for a beautiful finished project, whilst her easy pattern means that even complete beginners can get to the end of the pattern. Along with the book and yarn, this gift box comes with a 3mm crochet hook which is essential for crocheting with DK yarn. All of this is wrapped up in a premium black gift box embossed with TOFT branding.


Bridget the Elephant Kit - £30.00

Bridget the Elephant


Another top seller amongst beginner kits is Bridget the Elephant. If you’re looking for a gift that includes absolutely everything that a beginner would need to complete their first project, this is it! This Bridget Kit comes with the yarn, crochet hook, stuffing, sewing needle, pattern, and length of black thread needed to bring the project to its conclusion. Presented in plastic-free packaging, this gift is easy to wrap and a top gift for anyone looking to begin a craft.


Brook Scarf (Knit) - £25.00

Brook Scarf


The winter will be in full swing during Christmas, and a scarf is a must! Made from 100% British wool, this Brook Scarf is warm, soft, durable, and easy to knit. Knitting is the best way to keep yourself warm this winter and gives you the unique opportunity to learn something new In the process. Arriving in a handy knit bag, this kit contains everything you need to craft your way to a simple and timeless scarf which will keep you toastier for years to come.


Mini Donna the Reindeer Kit - £15.00

Mini Donna the Reindeer


If you’re looking for something which is more Christmas themed, then you can’t go wrong with Donna. Mini Donna the Reindeer is a kit for complete beginners and offers everything they’ll need to get crocheting. This Mini takes less time to crochet than a standard-sized animal, which is great for those who like fast results! Included in an eco-friendly kit box, Mini Donna is easy to wrap and a fantastic surprise on Christmas morning.


Gifts for experienced crafters


Advanced Crochet Animal Gift Box - £45.00

Advanced Gift Box


If you’re buying for a crafter who’s well-versed in the art of crochet, then this Advanced Crochet Animal Gift Box is a sound choice of gift. Included is a copy of Kerry Lord’s best selling book ‘Edward’s Menagerie’ which contains 30 crochet patterns of popular animals. Also included is enough yarn to make the challenging, and very handsome, Blake the Orangutan.  Also included is a 3mm crochet hook with TOFT branding, whilst all being enclosed inside of a premium black gift box.


Estella the Clockwork Nightingale - £54.00



Estella was released by designer Kerry Lord last Christmas as part of the #edsadvent 2019. This is the most ambitious bird ever undertaken by the TOFT community, with 9 x 25g balls of TOFT luxury yarn used to create the bright plumage and various jewels incorporated into the design. This challenging project, although difficult, is very rewarding and sure to add a smile to the face of any crochet addict. 


Nutcracker Doll - £60.00

Nutcracker Doll


Based on the Edward’s Emporium collection of amigurumi crochet dolls, the Nutcracker is a stunning addition to any Christmas decoration setup. Made from TOFT’s DK range of yarn, this project presents a rewarding challenge to experienced crocheters who’ll get the opportunity to work with up to six different colours of yarn.


Edward’s Imaginarium Book by Kerry Lord - £14.99

Imaginarium Book


Released by best selling author Kerry Lord in 2016, this book is no ordinary Crochet publication. Split into legs, torso, and head, Edward’s Imaginarium uses a flipbook style of design to mix & match different designs to make unique creations. Not animals nor dolls, these monsters allow the imagination to run wild. The book has inspired its own subscription and competition, along with some great new products. 


Regent Sweater (Knit) - £90.00

Regent Sweater


A hand made jumper is part of any knitter’s wardrobe, and the Regent Sweater is a project worth adding. This isn’t the comedy Christmas jumper that’s mocked at the work party. The Regent Sweater is made from 100% British wool and knitted into a modern design. It would also make the perfect gift to a loved one once knitted. 


And finally…

TOFT Gift Voucher


For those who keep their cards close to their chest or are just plain hard to buy for, give them the gift of choice this Christmas. At TOFT we offer a range of Gift Vouchers for purchase which can be redeemed either online or over the phone when placing an order. With denominations ranging from £10 - £50, this option offers total flexibly and is every crafter's dream come true.