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21 August 2020

New Teal Colour

We’re very excited to introduce Teal, the latest colour to the TOFT colour spectrum. Having released 5 new colours over the past few months and having some fantastic feedback, this will be our 6th and final new colour release. With this new colour, we’ll be producing a brand new 25g DK yarn, and a new ethically sourced Alpaca fur Pom Pom. The new colour is inspired by the Blue-Winged Teal, a bird in the duck family which is native to North American Countries, the United States and Canada.

With the release of the new colour, we’ve also dedicated our Autumn TOFT Quarterly magazine to showcasing Teal with some new and exciting projects. The new TQ magazine contains ten new knit and crochet projects containing the newest TOFT colour. The Hockley Hat is the first project in the mag to use Teal yarn, and also gives crocheters the opportunity to use the new Teal Pom. If you’re a knitter, then you may be interested in the Pemberton Hat which also takes full advantage of the new Pom and Yarn. If you’re looking to keep the chill away during the autumn months, the Albion Shawl is highly recommended. Its star-shaped design is visually striking and is great either as a wrap or scarf.

Pemberton Hat Albion Scarf Hockley Hat
Pemberton Hat Albion Shawl Hockley Hat

Of course, we couldn’t release the new colour without incorporating it into a brand new bird pattern, designed by best selling author, Kerry Lord. Arthur the Blue-Winged Teal is a new design which takes full advantage of the new colour and combines it with Shale, Cream, Chestnut, and Charcoal to create something that looks right at home in the Edward’s Menagerie lineup. Along with Arthur, we’re also releasing a number of other projects which incorporate and showcase our brand new yarn and pom.

Blue Teal Bird
The Blue-Winged Teal

Not only have we released some new projects with our Teal launch, but we’ve also refreshed some of our popular patterns from Edward’s Menagerie. Atticus the Snake, which was first released in TOFT’s Dye Club subscription, is now released for the first time as a project using new Teal yarn.

As you can always expect from TOFT, our new yarn and pom have been made to the highest specification and with premium materials. Made from 100% British wool, whilst also being dyed and spun in the UK, our newest coloured yarn retains the soft texture and deep colour that are a hallmark of our TOFT yarn range.

The new Teal colour is a vibrant new colour for brightening up your projects. If you’d like to get your hands on TOFT’s newest colour, click here. Our new Pom Pom is also now available for purchase online, get yours by clicking here. We can’t wait to see what our TOFT community creates with our latest colour. With Autumn and Winter on their way, this is a superb way to brighten up crochet and knitwear.