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14 July 2020

After the success of the first instalment of Doll’s Club, we are very excited to announce the next inspirational woman to join the TOFT subscription. Rosa Parks.

It seems like a lifetime ago that we released the first instalment of ‘Doll’s Club - Making Women who Made History’. In the four months that Emmeline has been available to purchase on TOFT subscriptions, we’ve been blown away by her popularity amongst the TOFT community. After shipping out hundreds of Emmeline’s and seeing such an incredible reaction from our crocheters, it’s now time for us to bid farewell to Emmeline Pankhurst and usher in the next history-making woman.

In this, the second instalment of Doll’s Club, you’ll get the opportunity to make and read about the American civil rights activist, Rosa Parks. Known as ‘the mother of the freedom movement’, Rosa has now been lovingly recreated in a TOFT pattern and can be crocheted using 275g of TOFT’s luxury yarn. Also inside this instalment of Doll’s Club is a collectable postcard giving a brief history of Rosa and the work she’s done to promote equal rights for African American people in a deeply segregated society. As a bonus, this issue will also be shipped with a replica pair of Rosa’s iconic spectacles to complete the look of one of the most influential civil rights activists in history.

Made from durable and soft TOFT yarn, this Doll’s Club is perfect for handing down to children and grandchildren. Over time, your Rosa Parks crochet doll will become softer, whilst retaining its shape and colour. TOFT yarn has been spun and dyed to a high standard in the UK with 100% British wool, which makes it a joy to work with on any project.


If you’d like to subscribe to Doll’s Club and get every new instalment as soon as it’s released, simply click here to go through to the TOFT subscriptions website. TOFT Doll’s club is released every four months and is dedicated to sharing the success of women from around the world, and throughout history. With every instalment, you’ll receive enough yarn to crochet a woman who’s made history, along with a postcard pattern, a PDF pattern, and a collectable postcard giving a brief insight into the life of the woman you’re creating. Each instalment is a different woman, some you may be familiar with, whilst others may be new to you. Keep an eye on our subscriptions website and blog for the next surprise instalment of Doll’s Club.

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