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14 October 2020

We’re excited to announce the release of two new books from TOFT’s best selling author, Kerry Lord. The two new books form a series called ‘How to Crochet’ are packed with 25 mini animals in each and offer a wonderful range of projects for beginners. 

Containing animal-based projects from the wilds of planet earth and depths of the oceans, these two new books are beautifully written and illustrated with learners in mind. Both books have been created to guide new crocheters through learning the basics of crochet, with clearly written instructions and stunning hand-drawn illustrations. Throughout the books, you can expect to crochet wonderful animals such as the Lion, Meerkat, and formidable Hammerhead Shark.

How to Crochet: OCEAN How to Crochet: WILD


These are the first two books in a series of four due to be released in 2020 and 2021. Both Ocean and Wild can be ordered now through the TOFT website. The next two books to be released in May next year, Farm and Pets, are available for pre-order on the TOFT website for those crocheters who want them as soon as they’re released. 

Based on the mini size of animals, the new books written by Kerry Lord have inspired some fantastic new haberdashery items in the TOFT shop. With crocheters in mind, TOFT has now released a range of three new products which aim to make creating mini’s easier and even more enjoyable than ever before. The new range includes a Mini Tension Checker, a pair of Mini Sewing Needles, and Black Finishing Thread for mini eyes. All now available on the TOFT online shop, these mini haberdashery accessories are a perfect accompaniment to the two new books, and investment in future crochet projects.

Slim Sewing Needles

Mini Tension Checker

Black Finishing Thread


Tension Checker

This helpful tool has been designed to help you check your crochet tension when making mini #edsanimals from Kerry Lord's books 'How to crochet animals'. The tension checker provides a standard leg gauge so that you can feel confident your creations will be consistent in size. 

Sewing Needles

A pair of slimline sewing up needles which are particularly useful for sewing up mini animals and adding on details to your creations. Also the perfect size for sewing on TOFT pom poms with press studs.

Black Finishing Thread

A 100% cotton solid back finishing thread perfect for adding eyes, nostrils and noses to your Edward's Menagerie makes. 


Remember to pre-order the next two books to be released in the ‘How to Crochet’ series by clicking here so you don’t miss a thing.