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23 October 2019

Ed's Birds Club

The latest instalment of #edsbirdsclub has just left the building! With four mystery parcels included in an annual subscription, you never know who is going to fly off your hook next. 

Without further ado, it’s time to introduce the new bird for October: Elaine the Scarlet Ibis. Located in South America and the Caribbean Islands, the Scarlet Ibis is one of the two national birds of Trinidad & Tobago. Exclusive to members of Ed’s Birds Club subscription, Elaine has been created using TOFT’s luxury new DK Ruby yarn to replicate the bright scarlet plumage. Did you know that it is the Scarlet Ibis’s love of red crustaceans which keeps their plumage looking so red and vibrant in the wild? 

This instalment of Ed’s Birds Club contains all the double knit yarn you will need to crochet the scarlet ibis: 75g of Ruby, 25g of Oatmeal, and 25g of Charcoal. Most noticeable about the Scarlet Ibis, other than its bright plumage, is its long beak which is used to probe sand in shallow water whilst looking for food. In this design, Kerry Lord has selected our DK Oatmeal yarn to recreate Elaine’s elegant beak.

If you were thinking about joining Ed’s Birds Club, then Elaine the Scarlet Ibis is a great instalment to begin with. The project only requires some of the basic crochet stitches to complete and, should you need any help with your project, we have a comprehensive library of tutorial video’s on the TOFT website to guide you. Every instalment contains the yarn you’ll need to create a new bird which is exclusive to Birds Club members. You’ll also receive a PDF pattern download by e-mail and in your ‘My TOFT’ area, so you can see which new species of bird is flying through the post and to your door. In your first instalment of Bird’s Club, you’ll receive an exclusive #edsbirdsclub project bag and enamel pin badge too! 

Elaine the Scarlet Ibis


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