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18 October 2019

Halloween at TOFT

We’re looking forward to halloween here at TOFT HQ, and not just because of pumpkin carving or trick & treating. We’re excited because it means we now have an excuse to crochet some of our favourite halloween themed patterns again. Returning this year to form part of the TOFT halloween range are some of last years favourite such as the Witch Doll, Nut the Monster, and Clarence the Bat.

We’re also thrilled to introduce a range of brand NEW crochet kits to the range. Our latest spooky crochet characters include the Devil Doll, Devil Doll Mini, and the infamous Grim Reaper. Taking advantage of the new Ruby coloured yarn to TOFT’s range, the two Devil Dolls make the most of this colour with their contrasting black horns and eyes. The Grim Reaper doll is made with a ghostly Cream body and Charcoal gown and hood. As well as being perfect for Halloween, he also has an air of Voldermort about him - making this a great crochet kit for Harry Potter fans too! 


Devill Doll from TOFT TOFT Grim Reaper
Devil Doll Halloween Bundle Grim Reaper


All three new patterns in the TOFT halloween range are included in the brand new Halloween Bundle. A great way to get started; the halloween bundle also includes the ever popular Skeleton Doll adorning a pink flowery hat. With both intermediate and beginner patterns in the new Halloween Bundle, there’s something for everyone to get crocheting, if you dare.

Halloween is also the perfect time to get yourself a copy of Kerry Lord’s popular book ‘Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium’. This book contain over a million mix-and-match ways to create a monster for halloween. A million different monsters should keep you busy for quite a while. ‘Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium’ is a wonderfully innovative flip book which lets you use different crochet patterns for the head, body, and legs in order to create a monster, designed by you. Start adding different colours to your Imaginarium monsters, and crochet something truly creative!

Edward's Crochet Imaginarium


Everyone knows halloween wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favourite food-based lantern; the pumpkin. TOFT are offering a free downloadable pattern for you to crochet and display in your window at home. With the pumpkin patterns being at a complete beginner skill level, why not crochet a bunch and really get that autumnal vibe going? If you’re new to crochet, this is the perfect pattern to get started with, especially as it’s a FREE pattern!

Free pumpkin pattern download