01 July 2021


**********IMPORTANT UPDATE: 23rd July 2021**********

As you know, we’ve been working hard to reduce the costs of purchasing TOFT products from the EU. In some good news, we’re now able to ship to you using the new European IOSS system as mentioned on the 15th July.  
When placing an order under €150, all taxes will be paid upfront on the TOFT website. You’ll no longer have to pay fees or tax to the local courier before receiving delivery of your goods. As you may be aware, some countries have been charging very high fees to our customers for processing their order through customs. These fees will no longer be charged and you’ll pay all taxes and charges on the TOFT website. If your order is over €150 you’ll still have to pay fees, local tax, and duty at the point of delivery so please be aware of this, but we will be in touch seperately should this occur.  
Although we’re now fully compliant with the new IOSS system, a lot of European countries are struggling to implement the new protocol. After thoroughly testing the new system, sadly, some of our EU customers are still being asked to pay fees and taxes before delivery of their order. This is wrong, and should not be happening. If after July 22nd you are being asked to pay for fees and taxes before delivery, please contact the postage provider to inform them that taxes have already been paid and should be charged to TOFT’s IOSS number quoting your Sender's Customs Reference Number below. We include all relevant customs information electronically, including our IOSS number, to customs and they should have this on file. If you feel you have paid the fees and taxes on your order mistakenly, you should contact the courier who took payment in order to make a claim.
Our IOSS number is: IM3720003663. You can find it on your customs form as the image below:
Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 11.25.18.png
Unfortunately, as the process of charging customs and taxes takes place in various different countries and charged to the receiver, we are not able to claim on your behalf. However, if you need any help or advice from us, please contact help@toftuk.com
Thank you for being so patient over the past six months, 

If you have any questions before you check out, please don't hesitate to contact help@toftuk.com and one of the TOFT team will be able to help.

Kerry and the TOFT Team





**********IMPORTANT UPDATE: 15th July 2021**********


We are thrilled to say that as of 4pm on Thursday 15th July, TOFT have enabled a new EU postage solution on the TOFT website (a lot sooner than we thought!)

From now as an EU customer shopping on www.toftuk.com and www.edsanimals.com (our subscriptions website), the customs, duties, taxes and charges attached to your purchase will be paid for by TOFT when you checkout on our website, rather than when the parcel reaches you in your country.

Any orders that come through the TOFT website under a £120 basket total from the EU will now be charged the full price you see on the product listing. Customers in the EU will no longer get a British VAT discount on the basket total when they checkout, instead this is collected by TOFT to offer you a 'duty paid' shipping service. Your payment of tax at checkout means you will not get charged any further tax amounts for your purchase when your parcel reaches you in Europe. TOFT will pay the taxes on your behalf to your recieving country.  Should your order exceed a £120 basket total we will be in touch with you directly to discuss taxes and shipping options. 

We truly hope this solution means our dedicated and loyal EU customers feel confident purchasing from the TOFT website knowing that once they've checked out on our website, they don't owe anything more! 

If you have any questions before you check out, please don't hesitate to contact help@toftuk.com and one of the TOFT team will be able to help.

Kerry and the TOFT Team


As you are probably very aware, the UK sadly left the EU on the 31st January 2021. Since then TOFT have been working really hard to find a good and cost effective solution to ensure our EU customers can continue to purchase and receive all the TOFT products they desire. At the very start of the year we reduced all VAT-able products on toftuk.com by 20% for EU customers so no British taxes were paid when purchasing to help contribute towards any extra costs incurred on customs, duty and administration fees. We have watched with disappointment as some of our customers across Europe have received inexplicably high and varied invoices to receive their parcels and release them through customs. It has been a long and difficult decision making process, and right now we are sad to say other than the above we don’t yet have a long-term solution in place, but we are very hopeful one is just around the corner!

Website orders to the EU (toftuk.com): 

As of 1st July 2021, new rules come into force which mean any goods ordered from EU countries that are shipped by TOFT will incur customs and duty taxes when they reach your destination country. You may already have received goods from TOFT in the last 6 months which had extra bills that needed to be paid before you received the goods, however these new rules mean you may suffer further increased charges. TOFT are working really hard to put a solution in place which means your duty and taxes are paid at the point of sale (when you click checkout on the TOFT website!) so that your goods can go straight out of our door and over to yours with no extra charges, however, the process of setting this up is ongoing and may still not be in place for up to 10 weeks.

During this time, TOFT are still happy to ship goods out to you in the EU with your British VAT discount, but please be aware there will be customs duties and taxes attached to your order that must be paid by you before you receive your goods in your country. TOFT are unable to cover these costs for you and we are unable to advise what these costs will be (they are generated in the receiving country and the charges are specific to your own country). By checking out your order, you are accepting these extra charges are yours to pay. Please do not refuse your parcel. TOFT will not cover costs incurred to send the parcel back to us. If you are happy with this, please check out your order and we will get your order on its way to you!

If, however, you’d rather not pay these charges right now, we have 2 options for you:

  1. Don’t checkout your order now – wait for us to let you know when we have found the best solution which means you don’t get any extra charges and you can continue to shop with us in the future*.
  2. Delay your order – checkout the items you want right now but send us a message to let us know you are happy for us to keep hold of your order until we have our new solution in place. Once we have the solution in place we will advise the additional costs due, you will pay them to us, and then we will get your order on its way to you with no further charges payable. 

*Please consider that if you choose to not check out during this time then limited edition products, or products that go out of stock during this time might not be available when our solution is in place. To ensure you get your hands on limited edition stock, opt for option 2. 

Subscriptions sent to the EU (edsanimals.com):

If you are an EU customer and already have a subscription with TOFT, you have a few options of how to move forward with your subscription:

  1. You can continue to receive your subscriptions as normal but please bear in mind you will have charges each time your subscription gets delivered and TOFT are unable to advise on how much the charges will be and are not able to cover the costs for you. Please do not refuse your parcel. TOFT will not cover costs incurred to send the parcel back to us.
  2. Maintain your subscription, but request we keep hold of your orders until we have the new solution in place – we will ship all your subscriptions that are due in one parcel and no extra fees will be payable.
  3. Cancel your subscription (please consider that if you cancel your subscription you will sacrifice your chance of receiving limited edition products).  

TOFT truly apologise for the inconvenience caused by these changes and we really appreciate your patience whilst we find the best solution so we can continue a great relationship with our loyal and dedicated EU customers.