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12 March 2020

Meet Uzziah the Flying Draco. Made in a limited edition self patterning yarn inspired by the flying draco using a fiery combination of yellow orange and maroon, designed to reflect the colour and pattern of this lizard.

Flying Dracos originate in South East Asia, with wings that give them the capacity to glide up to 190 feet, and we’re expecting this exciting colourway to fly off of our shelves here at TOFT.


This Flying Draco DK yarn is of the luxury quality to be expected from TOFT yarn, and is perfect for creating a bright and eye-catching project, whether that be a lizard or other animal from the Edward’s Menagerie collection, or a vibrant shawl or garment.

If you decide to subscribe to our Ed’s Dye club, you’ll receive the limited edition yarn and postcard pattern to create Uzziah the Flying Draco. Along with Uzziah, you will also receive three future surprise dye club parcels containing a limited edition DK yarn paired with a new crochet pattern postcard designed specifically with that colourway in mind. As a subscriber you’ll be the first to receive the new and limited edition coloursways and patterns before they’re released.

Interested? Subscribe today to be the first to receive our latest and greatest limited edition yarn.


If you are currently making the flying draco, our videos are always available on the TOFT website, and we now have a video specific for the draco wings.