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3rd June 2021

TOFT Caitlin the Giraffe slippers booties

This summer let us introduce to you our fabulous new range of cute animal themed slippers or booties if you prefer.

Here at TOFT HQ we wanted to create for you a little something different than we normally do this summer. We know you love our range of amigurumi crochet animals, so we thought what could we do to make them even better……this season Kerry Lord has decided to look back and take inspiration from her best selling book Edward’s Menagerie, too create for you some of the cutest slippers you’ve ever seen from the Ed’s animals collection.

We have come up with ten animal slipper designs in sizes New born to UK adult size 9, so be assured you can make the whole family an adorable set of matching slippers for Christmas this year….wink, wink!

TOFT crocheted unicorn slippers booties TOFT Hank the sheep slippers Hank the Sheep
Infant Unicorn Booties Hank the Sheep and Junior Sheep Booties

Now let me introduce to you some of the animals we are hoping will adorn your feet this year.  Venturing into the rainforest we created for you some Blake the Orangutan booties, then stepping onto the plains of Africa some Alice the Zebra booties and we couldn’t leave Caitlin the Giraffe out, she has her very own slipper design too.

But fear not we have also made some of your firm amigurumi crocheted favourites into bootie slippers to adorn your happy feet, so let us inspire you to crochet some Hank the Sheep booties and maybe a magical pair of Chablis the Unicorn slippers for you and your best friend or loved one.

We wanted to create a collection that would involve the whole family and we really feel that this is the one to do it with.

I won’t spoil the whole crocheted slipper range for you and introduce you to all of the ten animals, I’ll let you find that out for yourself, but I just wanted to wet your appetite a little.  So head on over to our booties page and check out the rest of the collection, pick your favourites and start your next crochet project as soon as you can.

We wanted to use the whole spectrum of TOFT’s yarn with this crochet collection, so decided to do the infant booties in DK, the junior slippers in Aran and your adult slippers are to be crocheted from our chunky wool, the chunkier the better as we wanted to make you feel super comfortable and relaxed  when wearing them, there really is no excuse, your feet are going to have some fun this summer, actually we hope you wear the throughout the whole year and more…..

TOFT adult zebra slippers booties animal print Etosha cushion TOFT junior oragutan slippers booties Blake the oragutan
Adult Zebra Booties Junior Oragutan Booties and Blake the Oragutan

I really hope you enjoy crocheting these new projects as much as we did designing them for you..…

Send us your photos once you have crocheted your first pair, we want to see those happy feet!


Now a little info on sizing - 

The new booties collection can be made in one of three to four size ranges, depending on which category you are in, have a look below to see the to best fit for each family member you are making them for :

Infant Booties -

The pattern contains instructions to make any of the following sizes: 

Newborn (foot length 8-10cm)

0-6 months (foot length 10-12cm)

6-12 months (foot length 12-14cm)

1-2 years (foot length 14-16cm)

Junior Booties - 

The pattern contains instructions to make any of the following sizes: 

3-5 years (foot length 16-18cm)

6-7 years (foot length 18-20cm)

8-10 years (foot length 20-22cm)

Adult Booties - 

The pattern contains instructions to make any of the following sizes: 

Size 3-5 (foot length 22-24cm)

Size 6-7 (foot length 24-26cm)

Size 8-9 (foot length 26-28cm)


CAUTION – for use on wooden and laminate flooring, we recommend adding a non-slip sock grip glue or non-slip fabric patch to the bottom of your slippers to avoid accidents.