26th July 2021

TOFT Bird club subscription crochet pattern bird crochet pattern crimson rosella crochet pattern Once every 3 months we get the pleasure at TOFT to ship out the new instalment in the TOFT Bird Club Subscription, you will receive the wool, along with a digital .pdf pattern to make the new bird as soon as it is released. Each ‘Edward’s Menagerie’ bird pattern is fresh off Kerry Lord’s hook! No two birds are alike.

So let’s introduce you to TOFT’s next fabulous feathered friend flying into join the ‘Edwards Menagerie’ collection.  

Yantra the Crimson Rosella is a wonderful addition to the bird club collection, coming to you with a vibrant colour palette and fabulously feisty personality!

The beautifully vivid crimson rosella is native to eastern and southeastern Australia and Kangaroo Island,  where it inhabits open forests, woodlands, open parks and gardens.   Rosellas can usually be found in tall eucalyptus trees and wetter forests.   They are easy to spot when out foraging as their beautiful plumage stands out a mile against the green of the trees.

This intelligent and mischievous little parrot is also a great pet that many people have welcomed into their homes, it will be content to ride around on your shoulder all day long, measuring about 10 to 14 inches, your shoulder is the perfect perch.  But watch those fingers as they like to nip at you for fun.  

They can learn a few words, but mimic a tune beautifully as their way of communicating with each other is a high-pitched whistle, if you whistle a tune to them they’ll reply to you and start a conversation.

TOFT bird crochet pattern crimson rosella crochet pattern bird club subscription TOFT bird subscription bird crochet pattern crimson rosella crochet pattern ed'sbirdclub TOFT bird club subscription bird crochet pattern crimson rosella crochet pattern

TOFT Bird Club Subscription

TOFT Bird Club Yantra the Crimson Rosella

When you receive your Bird Club parcel, inside will be 5 balls of 25g yarn : ruby, silver, charcoal and two balls of blue. 

This will be your colour palette to crochet and create this beautiful small parrot, the crochet pattern should take you around 1-5 hours to complete and Yantra will stand at approx. 28cm tall and 18cm when in the seated position.

You’ll be happy as a lark reading all about this kooky character, subscribers will receive an additional collectable biography postcard to accompany the latest addition to ‘Edward’s Menagerie’, find out who Yantra is and what she has been up too.

This loveable bird is quick to make, and will become your best friends as their larger-than-life personality jumps from the page and onto your crochet hooks.

As a member of ‘Ed’s Birds Club’ you have the benefit of adding some fantastic extras to your parcel, the Bird Club Project Bag and Pin, a beautiful feather design canvas project bag and gold feather enamel pin come as a collectable set that would make a great addition to your TOFT collection. You'll need these additional tools to bring your new Ed’s Animals Bird to life is a 3mm crochet hook, a wool needle and a large handful of polyester toy stuffing.

Enjoy crocheting Yantra as much as we did! Always tag us in your photos so that we can take a look #edsbirdclub 

To sign up to this subscription, use this link to go straight to the Ed’s Bird Club!




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