25th August 2021

TOFT school uniform doll crochet pattern

Let’s celebrate going back to school in September TOFT style with a mini doll that you can make look exactly like your little one…your kids will love it!

This past year has been an anxious time for us all, and after a hard year for all school children around the world, we all look forward to what we hope will be a normal “Back to School” term come September in the UK. TOFT's new school Uniform dolls are a fun way to support your children through the end of home schooling, bubbles and a return to wearing their school shoes again - you can make a mini doll to look just like them!

TOFT are very proud to share the Mini School Uniform Doll bundle designed by Kerry Lord, including 6 balls of 25g DK yarn that you can mix and match to create the perfect uniform for your child! We are hoping that this fantastic crochet project will enable you to make your youngest family members feel a little bit more confident going back to school this Autumn.

TOFT school uniform crochet pattern TOFT mini school uniform doll crochet pattern TOFT mini school doll uniform crochet pattern

TOFT Mini School Uniform Dolls

Kerry Lord crocheting the Mini School Uniform Dolls collection TOFT Mini School Unifrom Dolls in three different uniform colour options 

In TOFT’s Mini School Uniform Doll bundle you are given a full range of mix-and-match patterns to make all the truly classic items of a school uniform.

A blazer, white ankle socks…add a frill if you wish, a kilt, a brown leather satchel, a tie to be worn with a classic crisp white shirt, a straw boater and even black patent Mary-jane’s! Plus so much more…

You also get 10 hairstyles to play with, plaits, a bob, curtains, a short back and sides…the crochet possibilities are endless!

Choose your own child's school uniform colour palette - we are only setting two colours for you in this bundle, black and cream as we feel that these are a must have, but then we are giving you creative license on the rest with this crochet project. We are aware that school uniforms come in an array of colours so you can choose 4 colours from across the TOFT spectrum to create the exact outfit!

Our dolls are shown here using : 

25g Chestnut/Oatmeal/Camel (skin tone)

25g Orange/Black/Cocoa (hair colour) 

25g Turquoise/Blue/Green/Ruby/Amethyst (uniform colour)

25g Sapphire/Steel/Shale (contrast colour) 

25g Black

25g Cream

TOFT mini school uniform doll crochet pattern TOFT mini school uniform doll crochet pattern Kerry Lord TOFT mini school uniform doll crochet pattern

TOFT Mini School Uniform Dolls

Kerry Lord crocheting TOFT's Mini Doll standard form TOFT Mini School Uniform Doll

We really hope by crocheting TOFT’s Mini School Uniform Doll we can send some love and a big hug to all those children going back into school full time this Autumn. Your children can have their TOFT dolls stashed in their bags, knowing that Mum & Dad, Granny & Granddad or their cool Aunt Lou have made them something fabulous to support them through their back to school routine. 

The whole TOFT team are sending your little ones lots of luck for their first day back!