28 June 2022

TOFT bargello coasters new needlework craft

Due to incredibly high demand our Bargello kits have now come offline while we work to replenish our stock. Thank you all so much for giving this craft such a warm welcome to the TOFT range! We were very excited to dip our toes into a craft alongside knit and crochet, and after such an enthusiastic reception we know we can dive into Bargello head first, with a restock of our coaster kits, as well as exploring different designs to share with you all in the future. 

Thank you for your patience while we work hard on restocking as quick as we can over the next few months.

We have included all the information from the Bargello coaster kit website listings here, so you can make your colour and design choices ready for when the kits go back online.

For all those who got their hands on a kit - a YouTube video will be live on our channel soon to help you enjoy and get to grips with this satisfying new craft. We know you will love it as much as we do!

TOFT tiles coaster bargello kit Lisbon

Based on the TOFT Quarterly: Summer 2022 collection, which was inspired by the architectural ceramics of four cities – Lisbon, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, our new range of coaster kits come with everything you need to get started and create six stunning tiles. With just one pattern, you can create a set of three matching pairs of tiles that will add a touch of colour and style to your coffee table.

Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery that uses straight stitches laid in a pattern to create a variety of patterns and motifs. This technique works perfectly with TOFT's yarn, which can be used to create striking, geometric patterns.

Each kit contains 100g of TOFT's luxury DK pure wool, with a choice of four tile inspired colour palettes detailed below, a piece of 100% cotton canvas, 2 x slim wool needles, the postcard pattern, and an introduction to Bargello guide. All of which is wrapped up in a specially designed tote bag!

TOFT Lisbon bargello tile coaster TOFT Amsterdam bargello tile coaster TOFT Paris bargello tile coaster TOFT Rome bargello tile coaster

Lisbon colour palette:

Colour one: 25g Cream

Colour two: 25g Teal

Colour three: 25g Yellow

Colour four: 25g Sapphire

Amsterdam colour palette:

Colour one: 25g Cream

Colour two: 25g Sapphire

Colour three: 25g Silver

Colour four: 25g Steel

Paris colour palette:

Colour one: 25g Cream

Colour two: 25g Orange

Colour three: 25g Camel

Colour four: 25g Teal

Rome colour palette:

Colour one: 25g Cream

Colour two: 25g Fudge

Colour three: 25g Orange

Colour four: 25g Cocoa

These tile coaster measures 10cm x 10cm and take approximately 2-3 hours per coaster, making them the perfect project for a relaxing evening on the sofa. This craft uses simple and easy to learn techniques which means this kit is also suitable for all skill levels!