29 September 2022

TOFT hand dyed yarn 2022 house plants

Hand dyed Yarn:

This Halloween we are very excited to share this hand dyed limited edition yarn, made to reflect the variegated foliage of three iconic variegated houseplants - Monstera, Pothos and String of Pearls. 

These variegated plants appear two-toned or multi-tonal, with green and white patterns appearing as speckles, stripes, spots, circles, and other shapes. The few hundred skeins of pure wool DK we have dyed show the different foliage patterns of ‘Albo’, ‘Marble’ and ‘Thai Constellation’ leaf markings. It will be lucky dip which foliage skein you receive in your parcel and so each stunning crocheted houseplant will be unique. So, just choose your favourite house plant design from Monstera, Pothos and String of Pearls, and enjoy the stunning skien surprise! 


TOFT hand dyed tote bag halloween 2022

Hand dyed Totes:

As an extra treat this spooky season, shop from our 'Halloween' category and you can select to receive a complimentary limited edition hand-dyed long-handled TOFT tote bag. If you would prefer to receive your order packed in our standard cotton drawstring tote please select the Standard Tote option.  Halloween Totes are limited edition for 2022. 

Please note that due to the limited edition nature of the tote bags we will be PACKING ONE PER PARCEL used as a packing tote (it is not a case of one per item) so once you have one in your basket please select 'no thanks' on further products.