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#036 ben the kingfisher

"Ben has a sideways smile that has always sent the girls a-flutter, and is exactly the kind of flirt that has them pecking at each other in his trail. You’ll have to try quite hard to find out anything about him that he doesn’t want you to know, and so tightly held are certain cards that it leads some to wonder about whether he only whispers all his thoughts to the fish. His staunchly competitive character hides just below the surface of his immaculately presented plumage; so whatever you do don’t challenge him to a fishing competition because you might just get more than you bargained for." (Kerry Lord, Edward's Menagerie Birds, 2015)
toft ed's animal ben the kingfisher amigurumi crochet

First seen: Edward's Menagerie: Birds

Original colours: Blue, Camel, Orange, Steel & Cream

Shown here in: Teal, Camel, Orange, Sapphire & Cream

Skill level: 3 - Intermediate

Specialised techniques used (click to see video tuition):

TOFT yarn requirements: 
Standard DK 125g (25g Teal, 25g Camel, 25g Orange, 25g Shale, 25g Cream)
Large ARAN 450g (100g Teal DK (2 strands together), 100g Camel ARAN, 100g Orange DK (2 strands together), 50g Sapphire DK (2 strands together), 100g Cream ARAN)
Giant 860g (200g Teal DK (4 strands together), 240g Camel CHUNKY, 200g Orange DK (4 strands together), 100g Sapphire DK (4 strands together), 120g Cream CHUNKY)

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