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#033 enid the long-eared owl

"At school, Enid’s teachers always speculated that she was wise beyond her years and her breathy hoots might one day make history. So hard has she fought for what she believes in that she has had to sacrifice a lot of things on her flight path into Parliament. Her entire career she has kept her wide eyes firmly fixed on the glass ceiling above her, which she fully intends to fly straight through when she gets there. The moment she stood up in the debating society and proposed the motion ‘the more mice I meet, the more I eat nuts’, her family should have foreseen that she was a pretty extraordinary owl." (Kerry Lord, Edward's Menagerie Birds, 2015)
toft ed's animal enid the long-eared owl amigurumi crochet

First seen: Edward's Menagerie: Birds

Original colours: Stone, Chestnut and Oatmeal

Skill level: 3 - Intermediate

Specialised techniques used (click to see video tuition):

TOFT yarn requirements: Standard DK 100g (50g Stone, 25g Chestnut, 25g Oatmeal), Large 400g (200g Stone ARAN, 100g Chestnut ARAN, 100g Oatmeal ARAN), Giant 820g (480g Stone CHUNKY, 240g Chestnut CHUNKY, 100g Oatmeal DK (4 strands together)

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