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#027 gianni the lovebird

"Gianni loves birds. He loves watching birds, talking to birds and especially dancing with other birds, well the three things are inextricably linked, really. When he sees another bird he just has to talk about them, and once he talks to them he gets a little carried away. You see, when Gianni chats he gestures with his entire body from his eyes to his claws, and the more engaging the conversation the more his shoulders move, and wings flap, until eventually he’s dancing without even realising (and all that was just over ordering pasta from the waitress)." (Kerry Lord, Edward's Menagerie Birds, 2015)

toft ed's animal gianni the lovebird amigurumi crochetFirst seen: Edward's Menagerie: Birds

Original colours: Lime, Silver, Orange and Yellow

Shown here in: Lime, Silver, Orange and Yellow

Skill level: 3 - Intermediate

Specialised techniques used (click to see video tuition):

TOFT yarn requirements: Standard DK 125g (50g Lime, 25g Silver, 25g Orange, 25g Yellow), Large ARAN 400g (100g Lime DK (2 strands together), 100g Silver, 100g Orange DK (2 strands together), 100g Yellow DK (2 strands together)), Giant CHUNKY 620g (250g Lime DK (4 strands together), 120g Silver, 125g Orange DK (4 strands together), 125g Yellow DK (4 strands together))

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