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#028 meghan the toucan

"Meghan is a little girl growing an attitude to match her beak. Like many very young women, her attention span is short for anything and everything other than princesses, fairies and the colour pink. What initially began as an interest in happy endings developed into some days when she is insistent about eating food fit only for a queen and wearing her plastic high heels to nursery. When she’s not sitting on the side of her bed, reading about a castle and kicking her feet back and forth, she can be found cruising around on her bike with her tiara on and glitzy streamers fluttering beside her from the bicycle handle bars." (Kerry Lord, Edward's Menagerie Birds, 2015)

toft ed's animal meghan the toucan amigurumi crochetFirst seen: Edward's Menagerie: Birds

Original colours: Black, Steel, Orange, Yellow and Cream

Skill level: 3 - Intermediate

Specialised techniques used (click to see video tuition):

TOFT yarn requirements: Standard DK 150g (50g Black, 25g Steel, 25g Cream, 25g Orange, 25g Yellow), Large ARAN 600g (200g Charcoal ARAN, 100g Cream ARAN, 100g Steel ARAN, 100g Orange DK (2 strands together), 100g Yellow DK (2 strands together), Giant CHUNKY 920g (480g Charcoal CHUNKY, 120g Cream CHUNKY, 120g Steel CHUNKY, 100g Orange DK (4 strands together), 100g Yellow DK (4 strands together)

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