Crochet workshop demonstration bookings


You can now book in your own group visit, whether you are a crafter, animal enthusiast, WI or a community group. A visit to TOFT will be an exciting date to add to your calendar and we can tailor your experience to suit your needs and expectations.


When you arrive here at TOFT you will be welcomed into TOFT Studio. For those wishing to stretch their legs we can do up to an hour long walk of the farm to meet the whole herd of over 100 alpacas. If you fancy a more leisurely stroll we can offer your group a short trip into nearby fields to get close to the alpacas and of course provide plenty of fantastic photo opportunities.

Along the way our expert member of staff will teach you everything you will ever need to know about alpacas – starting with why they are not llamas and taking you through how and why alpacas are now popularly farmed in the UK.

Once back at the Studio you can enjoy refreshments as you relax after your tour of the farm, while we continue explaining our field to fashion process to enlighten you on how we turn fleece into luxurious yarn and knitwear.

You will then complete the visit by taking part in a workshop with one of our Creative Experts, and finally a chance to purchase any of our luxury 100% wool and unique alpaca products.

If you are a knitting group, community group or WI why not select one of our current workshops we already offer, but choose a date which can suit your meeting time? You can always arrange for a half day session, and we will do our best to cater for an evening session tailored to your group's needs.


Prices start from £18 per person – please contact us for more details and a quotation for your party and their needs.


We can accommodate up to 100 people subject to the activity required.


A farm walk and workshop will last approximately 2.5-3 hours.


Hot drinks and cakes can be added to your tour. 


Group visits can be booked as a private appointment at the TOFT Studio in Dunchurch Monday-Friday. It may be possible for evening and weekend appointments to be made, dependent on the size of your group. We take booking for group visits 12 months of the year.


You will need to wear footwear and clothing suitable to the weather conditions of the day you are visiting the farm.


Simply give us a call on 01788 810626 with the dates you have in mind to book your visit today, or of course you can email us with any further enquires Once a date is confirmed payment will be due to secure your trip.

Crochet demonstration at TOFT Studio workshop


If you find our weekend group workshops are not for you, don't worry, we can now offer you private tuition!

TOFT is a beautiful location for you to learn a new skill or further your development in your chosen craft. Your lesson will take place in the studio and delivered by an expert tutor who will teach you all the methods of your chosen craft area. By the end of the session you will be inspired to choose your TOFT knitting or crochet kit.

You'll also be given advice of which TOFT kits will suit your ability so you can carry on with your new founded skill at home.


Starting from £50 for a one-to-one (up to two people with a dedicated TOFT tutor) for an hour's tuition.


Education trips, work experience and internships


TOFT has a history of working with textile students having sponsored many final projects in the past. We are always willing to offer short work experience and some longer intern placements throughout the year. Please contact

Interior of TOFT Studio