ERRATA | TOFT Postcard Patterns


crochet postcard pattern errata updates

The following errata are corrections, including minor spelling mistakes and/or typing errors, printed on TOFT pattern postcards. Any subsequent print runs have the most up-to-date versions of the patterns with any errors amended.

PLEASE NOTE: The digital patterns in your online My TOFT area are updated as soon as an error is found. If you don’t understand your pattern and believe you have the most recent version, please let us know via [email protected].


Euripides the Blue Iguana
Rnd 130 dc14, (dc2tog) twice, dc3, (dc2tog) twice, dc14 (35)

Coral the Red Toad
Rnd 28 (dc2tog) 3 times, dc12, (dc2tog) 3 times, dc16 (34)

Hatching Easter Egg
Rnd 11 (dc8, dc2 into next st) 4 times (40)
Rnds 12-15 dc (4 rnds)
*ch3, turn and dc1, htr1 back down chain, tr1 into base of chain, miss 3 sts along edge and sl st 1 
Repeat from * to create ten spikes in total.

Mini Sunflower Seed
Rnd 24 (dc1, dc2tog) 6 times (12)

Mini Violet
For updated petal instructions please re-download the .pdf from your My Toft area, or email [email protected] to recieve the .pdf directly.