ERRATA | TOFT Quarterly Summer 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The digital patterns in your online My TOFT area are updated as soon as an error is found. If you don’t understand your pattern and believe you have the most recent version, please let us know via


p.11 Beachcomber Cardigan - Please click below for sewing up instructions to accompany the pattern

Beachcomber Cardigan Sewing Up Instructions


p.13 Breakwater Wrap - Rows 113-141 Rep Rows 1-29 (64)


p.28 Nathan the Prawn - Round numbering error from Rnd 16, follow pattern as stated and adjust Rnd numbers ending on Rnd 22


p.30 Boardwalk Blanket - Please click below for additional pattern instructions for the extra panels

Boardwalk Blanket Additional Instructions