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#021 tricia the silkie chicken

"Tricia is a middle-aged, self-employed aerobics instructor thrilled that so many women are still so bad at getting fit and staying thin. Her ‘modern pop workout’ hasn’t been updated since the 80’s; it worked for her and her lycra bodysuit then, and if her toy-boy and dress-size are anything to go by, then it’s still working now. She’s never really been seen without her mullet sweatband and legwarmers, and if the right Madonna track comes on when she’s in the supermarket, then her muscles just move on their own. She’s not one for counting her eggs though, because every time the latest spinning, plating or pilates craze takes a hold her attendance numbers take a hit as everyone heads for the next easy-fix solution to cellulite." (Kerry Lord, Edward's Menagerie Birds, 2015)
toft ed's animal tricia the silkie chicken amigurumi crochet

First seen: Edward's Menagerie: Birds

Original colours: Silver and Black

Skill level: 3 - Intermediate

Specialised techniques used (click to see video tuition):

TOFT yarn requirements: Standard DK 100g (100g Silver, 25g Black), Large ARAN 300g (200g Silver, 100g Charcoal), Giant CHUNKY 720g (480g Silver, 240g Charcoal)

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