#30 Zinnia

First seen: Kew Gardens Workshop, September 2022

Original colours: TOFT DK Hand-dye yarn Zinnia, Lime

Showin in: Lime, Yellow, Magenta

Skill level:  Easy

Season: Spring to Autumn

Video Tutorials: 

Colour Changing

Half Treble and Treble Crochet

TOFT yarn requirements: 

Standard DK 125g (50g Lime, 25g Yellow, 50g Magenta)

Colour options:

Available as...

The Zinnia was originally made for a Kew Gardens workshop, and was designed in exclusive Hand-dye* (pictured below, far left). For a similar variegated look, try our Strawberry Sundae Hand-dye yarn (pictured below, far right).

*currently unavailable