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Crochet Blanket Gift Box Kit

TOFT gift boxes are a carefully curated selection of our best-selling items, ideal for introducing friends and family to TOFT for the first time, or helping to fuel an already-established crafting addiction!

The Christmas gift box is the perfect gift package for those looking to start a new hobby or further their crochet yarn stash.

600g of DK wool.
200g in Silver, 200g in Steel, and 200g in Cream.
3 Crochet Blanket Patterns
Postcards for the Longhouse Blanket, Granny Square Blanket and Granny Stripe Blanket.

TOFT's pure wool range is seriously luxurious. It's spun here in the UK from only the finest handpicked fleeces to ensure a very soft and silky yarn with a wonderful sheen. This is a proper British yarn and it's ideal for those finding themselves a little time-poor. It's fast and smooth to work with, and with a perfect twist and a great loft, it handles a whole variety of knitting and crochet pattern with ease. AND it washes well!

Our yarn knits to a standard tension, and can be used with any wool or acrylic knitting or crochet pattern.

INCLUDES: 6 x 100g of TOFT DK yarn

METERAGE: 225g metres over 100g.

CARE: hand wash, dry flat and block after crocheting if necessary

Made in the UK from 100% wool: spun in Yorkshire.

The price of this kit reflects the pricing of TOFT yarn bundles and includes 100g of yarn FREE! This product is therefore exempt from any further discounts.