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Crochet Dinosaurs Gift Box

TOFT gift boxes are a carefully curated selection of our best-selling items, ideal for introducing friends and family to TOFT for the first time, or helping to fuel an already-established crafting addiction!

The crochet dinosaurs gift box is the perfect gift package for those looking to start a new hobby or further their crochet skills.

Dinosaurs: 15 Patterns by Kerry Lord
Best-selling author Kerry Lord has published a special edition of TOFT Quarterly Magazine that features 15 ROAR-some dinosaur patterns. Featuring Stanley the Stegosaurus, Gregor the T-Rex, Mary the Brontosuarus, Colin the Velociraptor, and Daniel the Oviraptor, this magazine will keep you busy for many months to come.
300g of DK wool.
You will recieve 100g of 'Chestnut', 100g of 'Shale' and 100g of 'Mushroom'. This supersoft pure wool is perfect for crocheting dinosaurs with. Made in the UK, this premium yarn is a real treat to crochet with and is enough to make 4 dinosaurs.
3mm Crochet Hook.
The only tool you'll need to make any of the dinosaurs in this magazine.

YOU WILL NEED: toy stuffing, a wool needle and a length of black thread for the eyes.

SKILL LEVEL: From complete beginner.

VITAL STATS: When finished the crocheted dinosaurs will be approx. 18cm tall.