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Knitted Hats Gift Box

TOFT gift boxes are a carefully curated selection of our best-selling items, ideal for introducing friends and family to TOFT for the first time, or helping to fuel an already-established crafting addiction!

The knitted hats gift box is the perfect gift package for those looking to start a new hobby or further their knitting skills.

100g Charcoal DK wool, 100g Cream DK wool, 2 pom poms (one silver and one stone) and three hat postcard patterns (Glacier, Apres and Toboggan hats)

This supersoft pure wool is perfect for knitting hats with. Made in the UK, this premium yarn is a real treat to knit with and is enough to two hats. The patterns we have selected are suitable for beginners and intermediate knitters alike, meaning there really is something for everyone.

SKILL LEVEL: From beginner.

VITAL STATS: Hats measure approx. 23cm from crown to base when flat after washing and blocking.

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