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Bryn #edsanimals centraliser

This Bryn the Welsh Mountain Sheep #edsanimals Centraliser is a wonderful new crochet accessory from TOFT. These collectable centralisers have been handmade exclusively for TOFT.

The brand new Bryn #edsanimals Centraliser is a great tool for making sure the body and head of your latest #edsanimals project is straight and centre, in order to avoid the finished animal looking out of shape or twisted.

Based on Bryn the Welsh Mountain Sheep from best-selling author Kerry Lord’s magazine TOFT Quarterly: Sheep, this charismatic centraliser is a wonderful addition to any crocheters set of trusty tools. Bryn is one of six brand new and unique centralisers available from TOFT based on best-selling author Kerry Lord’s popular publications. Included with the Bryn #edsanimals Centraliser is full instructions on how to get the best results using this tool.

Not only are Bryn and his companions perfect for helping with crochet, they also make great collectibles. When not in use, attach TOFT’s new #edsanimals centralisers to the zip of your stash bag, traveller bag, or notions purse to keep them to hand whenever you need them.

This tool has been created in collaboration with Jillian from WeeOnes - a polymer clay artist based in Rhode Island, USA. All of her hand made individually, and we are delighted to bring our customers some of her beautiful creations.

Size Approx: 3cm x 1cm x 1cm

Contains: 1 x Bryn #edsanimals Centraliser with instructions.

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