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TOFT Neck Torch

Too dark to knit or crochet? Not anymore with TOFT's branded neck light!

Complete with settings so that you can adjust the brightness, this rechargeable torch sits comfortably around your neck and lights up your project so you can work wherever you are, whatever time of day. We challenge you not to stay up all night working on your next project.

Your TOFT branded rechargeable neck torch has touch sensors on each LED light so you can easily switch them on and off, and adjust the brightness with three different levels of light intensity. With a handy USB cord that you can plug in to recharge your torch, you'll never be without light again.

When fully outstretched the neck torch is approximately 67cm long.

LED lights with 3 levels of light intensity.
Touch sensor to switch on and off and adjust brightness.
Comes with one USB cord for charging.

Charge the lamp for at least two hours before first use, recharge immediately when the lights begin to dim and recharge the lamp at least once every two months.

All orders are hand-picked and packed by our team in Warwickshire into our fully recyclable and reusable packaging.