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Knitting Needle Gauge

This handy tool has been designed to help you check the size of your knitting needles. Particularly helpful if you have a set of interchangeable needles that keep getting mixed up, all you need to do is insert the tip of the needle through the gauge and when it fits, that's the correct size. We've also added helpful measurements on either side of your gauge in inches and centimetres, and your needle sizes are listed in mm to match your TOFT patterns.

This tool has been created in collaboration with Katrinkles - an independent knitting jewellery artist based in Rhode Island, USA. All of her items are laser cut in her studio before being hand finished individually. We are delighted to have worked together on this product to produce something useful and beautiful for knitters all over the world.

These knitting needle gauges are made from Alder - an American hardwood that is sustainable and durable and gives each hand-finished tool a unique character. Please note - because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each tool may vary slightly.

Size: approximately 18cm long