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Black Cork Hook Wrap

If you love our cork accessories, you'll be excited to get your hands on our newest addition to the range. Exclusive to TOFT, this cork hook wrap is beautifully soft, durable and the perfect gift for any fans of crochet and TOFT in your life.

Designed by TOFT and produced in Portugal, our new Cork Crochet Hook Wrap is the perfect size to fit your TOFT crochet hooks in. Ready to carry in any weather, it's lightweight and waterproof by design to ensure everything inside stays dry and easily fits into your project bag to carry all of your crochet hooks on the go.

Cork for our exclusive TOFT Crochet Hook Wrap is harvested without causing any damage to the tree, and is both natural and sustainable. The natural properties of cork ensure each wrap has unique markings and a luxuriously soft surface that feels fantastic to the touch.

Your Cork Crochet Hook Wrap measures 17x8x8cm when wrapped and 41x17cm when laid flat. It has ten compartments to fit crochet hooks into. Please note Crochet Hooks are NOT included in this product.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.