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Cork Wrist Strap: Black

Designed specifically for use with the classic TOFT project bag which has a pre-attached fixture, this perfect-length wrist strap means you can knit and crochet on the go. A favourite of the team here at TOFT, if you like to take your latest project out and about with you, then this makes it easy to ensure you don’t miss any opportunity to get a few stitches in- even standing up!

Designed by TOFT and produced in Portugal, our new adjustable cork wrist strap is perfect for attaching to the TOFT cork project bag. With a capacity for 200g plus of yarn, the bag is perfect for taking your making out-and-about, and the strap helps you carry your projects in style and comfort. All TOFT cork project bags have always been made with the fixture to attach a strap- even if yours has already been used for years!

Cork for TOFT project bags and accessories is harvested without causing any damage to the tree, and is both natural and sustainable. The natural properties of the cork ensure each product has unique markings and a luxuriously soft surface that feels fantastic to the touch.

CARE: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

SIZE: 20cm long strap not including clasp, 2cm wide.

All orders are hand-picked and packed by our team in Warwickshire into our fully recyclable and reusable packaging.