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Mini Tension Checker

This helpful tool has been designed to help you check your crochet tension when making mini #edsanimals from Kerry Lord's books 'How to crochet animals'. The tension checker provides a standard leg gauge so that you can feel confident your creations will be consistent in size.

This tool has been created in collaboration with Katrinkles - an independent knitting jewellery artist based in Rhode Island, USA. All of her items are laser cut in her studio before being hand finished individually. We are delighted to have worked together on this product to produce something useful and beautiful for edsanimals fans all over the world.

Exclusive to TOFT, this standard sized Ed's Animal leg checker has been made from wood so that you can check your tension time and time again. Once you’ve crocheted a standard leg, flatten it and hold it against the tension checker. If it matches, it’s the right size. If it is too big try using a smaller hook. If it is too small, try using a bigger hook.

Checking your tension means that you can be confident you’ll have enough yarn to complete a project. This tool is also designed to give you peace of mind that your creations will come out a consistent size from one to the next and look great when sat together as a collection.

These tension checkers are made from Alder - an American hardwood that is sustainable and durable and gives each hand-finished tool a unique character. Please note - because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each tool may vary slightly.

Size: approximately 6.3cm x 6.3cm