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Ed's Imaginists Box 7

We hope you are excited and ready for Box 7 in the Imaginists Competition. TOFT’s designer Kerry Lord will set a new colour palette with each new box, and your challenge is to design a monster using the pattern components from the Edward's Imaginarium book.
So take some inspiration from ‘Edward’s Imaginarium’ and follow your own path when it comes to adding the colour palette to your project taking your crochet creations to the next level with this design challenge! Once you've crocheted your design, post a picture of it on Instagram using the hashtag #edsimaginists.
At the end of the competitions 3 month window Kerry will pick her favourites and award them with a TOFT collectable embroidered trophy design patch in either gold or silver.

BOX 7 COMPETITION BUNDLE CONTAINS: 125g of TOFT's luxury DK wool in the following colours:
25g Ruby
25g Orange
50g Yellow
25g Blue
1 Satin Finish A5 Postcard Pattern with your colour palette, guidelines on the do’s and don’ts and the rules for the competition.

YOU WILL NEED: a 3mm crochet hook, toy stuffing, a wool needle and black and cream yarn threads for the eyes.

MEASUREMENTS: When finished your Imaginist monster will be approximately 18cm when in the sitting position.

SKILL LEVEL: Various - You decide and have some fun!

There is no commitment with this design challenge - you can opt out at any point. Do one box or follow the design challenge through the year and keep those creative juices flowing, it is totally up to you. But most importantly get creative and have some fun!
The deadline for competition entries on box 7 is Thursday 30th September.

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