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Modelling Wire

Looking for something to take your Edward's Menagerie and Alexandra's Garden displays to the next level? Look no further! TOFT modelling wire is just what you need to help your crochet characters stand and pose perfectly.

This flexible craft wire is soft, smooth and lightweight, ideal for sliding into your crochet projects once they have been stuffed and sewn up. Once it has been inserted into place, the modelling wire can be folded, twisted and bent to suit any mood or character, whether it's the wings of your latest bird or the tail of your crochet chameleon. It's easy to bend by hand so you can manipulate your crochet characters into whichever pose you fancy ready for display!

You will need approximately 1 metre of modelling wire to complete a standard DK bird from the Edward's Menagerie series by Kerry Lord.

WARNING: Modelling wire is for display purposes only, it should not be used in toys made for children. Watch out for the ends when moving the wire around inside your crochet projects!

You will receive approximately 1 metre of silver aluminium craft wire that is 1.5mm thick. We recommend using strong scissors or wire cutters to trim your wire to size.

All orders are hand-picked and packed by our team in Warwickshire into our fully recyclable and reusable packaging.