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Nancy the Bee Centraliser

TOFT Centralisers are a handy stitch marking crochet accessory for creating perfect #edsanimals and beyond. These collectable charms are created from illustrations based on Kerry Lord's popular crochet collections, and these charismatic characters are a wonderful addition to your set of trusty tools.

This Nancy the Bee centraliser is a great tool for making sure your latest #edsanimals project is straight and central before you start sewing up, in order to avoid the finished piece looking out of shape or twisted. Each design is based on one of best-selling author Kerry Lord’s ‘Edward’s Menagerie’ range of crochet toys.

You can also use TOFT's centralisers as a stitch marker for all of your knitting projects, whether you need to keep track of the end of your round on your circular needles or mark the progress on your latest project.

SIZE: Your bee centraliser measures approximately 1.5cm long and 2cm wide.