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Premium Toy Stuffing

Premium regenerated toy stuffing for your Edward's Menagerie and Edward's Imaginarium characters! This washable recycled polyester fibre is the perfect filling for your crocheted projects and it's all wrapped up in a stuffing tote bag. This stuffing is soft and lofty, and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Contains enough stuffing for 5 standard animals, or 1 large animal. You'll need 2 bags for a giant animal.

A slight colour change may be noticed from batch to batch due to the nature of it being a recycled product. The fibres are made from recycled plastic bottles which means the colour of the fibres are a lot more inconsistent from batch to batch compared to a virgin fibre. The colour can change slightly due to the make up of the stock bottle chips at the time, with darker colours coming mainly from the caps and coloured plastic bottles. This doesn't affect the quality of your stuffing, which will remain perfect for finishing your crocheted projects every time.

100% Regenerated Polyester
Clean – Reliable – Hygienic – Washable - Recycled
Gross weight approximately 150g
Made in the UK