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Non-rinse Wool Wash

Soak is a laundry wash specially formulated for delicate knitted clothing and its' what we have always used here at TOFT to wash and block all of our samples. With its environmentally friendly formulation, derived from plants and renewable ingredients, Soak is not only great for washing your knitwear but also kind to the planet.

Only one teaspoon of Soak is required per 3.5 litres of cool water. Soak for 15 minutes, gently squeeze (no need to rinse!) and lay knitwear flat to dry.

The small 90ml bottle will provide you with 18+ washes.
The large 375ml bottle will give 75+ washes.

“At Soak, we’re all about creating innovative products that shift how people think about caring for their clothes, crafts, lingerie and more. We’ve created a premium category that’s redefining laundry care - and offering our customers gentle, deliciously scented options for washing the laundry they love most.”

Made in Canada