Crochet Video Tutorials

Welcome to TOFT's Crochet Videos.

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to all TOFT video tips and tutorials that are currently available. Aimed at complete beginners as well as experienced crocheters, our videos offer a wide range of crocheting, sewing up and finishing techniques. Browse the categories below to find a specific project (or inspiration!), or simply scroll down this page for beginner-friendly instructions and general techniques.

If you're still struggling to work out a new technique and you can't find the video tutorial below, please get in touch with our Customer Care team at [email protected]


Getting Started

Reading your pattern • Chain • Double crochet • DC6 into ring • Chain start • How to check your tension • Using a stitch marker • Crocheting round 1 of your pattern • Right side and wrong side • Your TOFT yarn label

Level one: complete beginner

DC2 into next stitch (increase) • DC2TOG (decrease) • Giant chain • Chain loops

Level two: easy

Basic colour change • Working into the back loop • Chain split • Freeform crochet • Half treble crochet • Treble crochet • Double treble crochet • Working both sides of a chain • Working small rounds • Twin treble crochet

Level three: intermediate

Advanced colour change • Branching rounds • Splitting rounds • Front post/back post treble crochet • Bobble (mb) • Loop stitch • Make frill (mf) • Closing and reopening a round • Slip stitch traverse • Slip stitch spines/chains

Adding further details

Slip stitch traverse root • Adding structure with slip stitch traverse • Making scales • Knotting on hair • Crocheting wings • Using modelling wire • Using TOFT safety eyes


Sewing up

Gathering stitches • Sewing up animals • Sewing up birds • Closing off a nose • Sewing on a dog's nose • Sewing on a dog's ears • Sewing up dogs • DC two pieces of fabric together